Welcome to the Insurance Broker Guelph Is Proud Of!

Have you put off looking for insurance because you’re overwhelmed by all of the options? We understand that insurance can be a scary thing. There are so many different details to worry about and consider. And on top of your worries, there’s the matter of meeting your budget requirements. Searching for an insurance policy that fits your needs is no easy task.


Instead of working on the search on your own, turn to a trusted insurance broker in Guelph. With our expertise, we can find insurance options that work for you. We are dedicated to giving you several options, as well as providing you with an explanation of the policies. Our research finds options that are perfect fits for your lifestyle and family.


The right insurance coverage is important. That’s why we aim to make sure you have the peace of mind that all of your needs are being met. We also know that money matters, so we look for policies that fit within your budget. Our team is eager to work with you.

Who We Are

At Inroads Insurance Broker INC, we have a team of trained professionals who walk you through the process. We have the knowledge and ability that it takes to find excellent coverage and benefits through an insurance agency. Your happiness matters to us, so we make you our priority. Think of us like a guide taking you through the journey of becoming insured. We proudly serve the Guelph area and make you and your needs our primary mission. If you’re looking for insurance brokerage firms who put their clients first, look no further.

What We Do

Everything that we do here at Inroads Insurance Broker INC is for our clients. We aim to help the residents of Guelph discover and decide on insurance deals for all aspects of life. Our job is to do all the grunt work. We search high and low for the best insurance options for your needs. Then, we provide you with a list of the top choices. Because we know how confusing insurance can be, we provide you with a detailed explanation of each option. We teach and advise you. And if you want to maximize your benefits, we can help with that too.


Our services aren’t limited to finding new insurance. We also help you file claims, understand the fine print, and negotiate policies on existing insurance. If you already have coverage and want an evaluation of the benefits you’re receiving, we can help you determine if there are better options out there. Here at Inroads Insurance Broker INC, we are dedicated to getting you connected with the best insurance solution available. No matter your situation, you can count on us to do the hard work for you.

Why We Care

The safety of our clients in Guelph and around Ontario is vital to us. We care about our community and want to see it thrive. Everyone deserves to have insurance, but it’s not easy to get. Our way of giving back to the community is to help make insurance attainable. We know that the cost of insurance and its complicated nature can get in the way of finding coverage. And the stress it can put on a family is overwhelming. Our team wants to help you minimize your stress and get you connected with the best plans. We are trained to get you the most for your money.


Based in Ontario, Canada, our Inroads Insurance Broker INC teams are dedicated to helping people in Guelph. We aim to get you quality insurance and maximum benefits. Our community means a lot to us, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

Types of Insurance We Offer

While benefits vary within branches of insurance, there are four major categories of policies and coverage. Our brokerage team is trained and capable of working with you in each of these different areas of insurance coverage.We work together to find you the best deals, policies, and solutions. All the while, we keep in mind your specific needs.


The types of insurance we deal with at Inroads Insurance Broker INC are the following:

Each of these areas of your life is prone to risk. You need quality insurance coverage to keep you protected at all times. Our goal is to ensure you are happy with your insurance solutions in any category.  In the long-term, we want to make sure you stay satisfied with your insurance benefits. Should you need a change, our trained professionals can help counsel you on the different solutions available. We can tell you what would work best for you and your family, as well as file claims and deal with legal matters if accidents occur. Rely on us as your insurance broker in Guelph to help you stay protected and stress-free!