Car Insurance Ontario

If you are looking for the right protection for you and your car, Inroads Insurance is your best bet. You don’t have to spend hours getting quotes from a range of insurance companies. We will fully assist you in finding the right car insurance policy at the best price. We have experience in getting proper cover for many kinds of cars and will also provide information about the risks you’re likely to face.

We save you a lot of time


By choosing our brokers, you will save not only money but also time. We work with multiple companies and check prices for you with each of them, so you only have to call one place to get a broad range of options. We furthermore assist you in picking the best policy tailored to your needs.


We save you time by doing all the work for you. Just think of our brokers as a processing facility. We will assist you with the application and will then do the rest for you. You don’t have to lift a finger, but you will have applied to multiple insurance companies. And at the end of the day, we’ll guide you through your options that each insurance company has to offer.


Our brokers compare numerous options and policies

Finding the right car insurance policy can be time-consuming if done by yourself. That is why we, as your insurance brokers, trawl through numerous insurance companies to find you the most cost-effective cover for your needs. All you need to do is call us up, make an appointment and discuss your details. Let us handle the rest and present you with the best insurance deals. And the best of it: We take care of it. Our brokers assist you throughout the whole process. While you can compare quotes online easily, you have no one to aid you with all the insurance jargon and fine print.Also, as insurance brokers, we have certain contacts which means we can get you better deals.


We never put any pressure on you

When working with us, we guarantee to put your individual needs first. We will work with our knowledge and experience to present you the best available deals and discounts in Ontario. But we will never pressure you into signing anything before you haven’t made up your mind. You’re still completely in charge of your insurance plan. We will do our best in providing you with the best policies, but you still have to make your own decision. However, we gladly offer our advice based on our experience. Plus, we will also help you out if you need to make a claim in the future in case of any accident or damage. And having someone to guide you through the process can make it a lot less daunting.